Kris Kuksi

"The grotesque to him, as it seemed, was beautiful."

    This is the work of a brilliant artistic visionary who’s insurmountable and prolific works have nearly propelled him to a state of popular notoriety in the art world. His name is Kris Kuksi. This unquestionably talented artist’s body of work includes wonderful paintings and drawings (His portfolio can be viewed at his site, along with his bio and other related news and links), but his main focal point is his sculptures. Every single one of these sculptures features a wealth of infinitesimal detail.

    The painstaking dedication to producing these extremely complex masterpieces is admirable. Kris is a true inspiration and deserves all the fame he’s due, if not more so. His visually stunning, thematically rich and intricate works are featured in the private collections of many notable people such as the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, Director of Pan’s Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro, recording artist Fred Durst, and Academy Award winning actor, Robin Williams. These three pictures are of Kris’ exemplary work. They are as follows: (top left) “Ode to Herculaneum”, (top right) “A Heroic Abduction”, and (bottom) “The Deadly Sins”.

    Currently, Kris is having his third exhibition. It opened March 15th and ends on April 7th, and is located at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, New York. More information exists in the news section of his aforementioned website for you curious types. Here’s a link to an interview did with Chris. It should shed some light on Kris’ inspiration and politics. I found it very interesting, and that can be found here.

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