The Sabbath,1910, Marc Chagall.

After moving to Paris and absorbing new influences to adapt to the themes he was most confident in, Chagall demonstrated the knowledge he acquired in the piece above. Quickly, he began familiarizing himself with popular artist’s of the time and sought to capture the techniques of Van Gogh especially in The Sabbath. The juxtaposition of interior space (of which is typically distorted by an irrational perspective), to Van Gogh’s use and fondness for and abundance of warm colors, were integrated successfully into the emerging artist’s style. French Art Critic Guillaume Apollinaire hailed Chagall’s work as “surnatural!” with”undertone of yearning and loss” and seemed to have an influence on early Surrealism. Coincidentally Chagall did not want his work associated with any particular movement or school, considering his own personal language of symbols meaningful to himself. That did not prevent others from associating his work with “illogical and fantastic painting”, especially when his use of “curious representational juxtapositions” .

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